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About us

Jerkins is a Ukrainian brand of craft products

Our main goal is to make unique products even where it would seem that there is nothing to invent. We are not afraid of experiments and daring ideas, such as Chicken in chocolate or sausages from all possible combinations of meat. We always try to listen to the wishes of our customers, so we will gladly discuss your suggestions

In addition to our own production, we are actively engaged in the promotion of partner products of small businesses, the quality of which we can guarantee.

We try to actively support our armed forces both with donations and with a 20% discount on all our products.

photo of chicken`s jerky  standard
photo of beef standard

History of our brand 

From the beginning of the war, our parents and many acquaintances defended Ukraine, and when they returned on vacation, they said that they were missing some "jokes" (this is something, delicious, that rarely or never happens in the conditions of war).

So we started thinking about snacks that would be tasty, nutritious and healthy. After trying many options, we stoped on meat. We collected packages with jerky for my father, he went to the front, and a few days later he called and said that everyone liked the jerky incredibly. After some time, they advised us to try selling such snacks.

It was from this that everything started, then there was the development of new recipes, a lot of successful and unsuccessful experiments, creation of the logo and other components of the brand.

We are grateful to everyone for their support and faith in us!
Glory to the Heroes of Ukraine!

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